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FAIR research software

Together with SND, DeiC is organizing a webinar series on FAIR research software, inviting speakers from the Nordic region as well as members from relevant RDA groups. This first webinar will give a general overview of FAIR research software.
30 aug 2021 - 10:00
30 aug 2021 - 15:00
DeiC and SND
# Agenda item
1 Introduction (RDA-SE / RDA-DK) - organisational perspective

What does FAIR for research software mean and what is the difference to FAIR research data

Speaker: Leyla Jael Garcia-Castro, FAIR4RS WG


Nordic perspective

Speakers: Malin Sandström, INCF and Radovan Bast, CodeRefinery

4 Q&A

Outputs FAIR4RS WG

Speakers: Leyla Jael Garcia-Castro and Carlos Martinez Ortiz, FAIR4RS WG

6 Q&A
7 Open discussion with prepared questions
8 Thanks and concluding remarks

The FAIR for Research Software (FAIR4RS) working group will be jointly convened as an RDA Working Group, FORCE11 Working Group, and a Research Software Alliance (ReSA) Taskforce, in recognition of the importance of this work for the advancement of the research sector. They invite you to participate to work on community-endorsed FAIR principles for research software and encourage their adoption. There are multiple ways to get involved, from receiving news, to co-writing, presenting outputs and leading your own events related to #FAIR4RS.