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Webinar: The Openness Profile – simply acknowledging scientific contribution

07 dec 2020 - 10:00
07 dec 2020 - 11:00
Online - Zoom

Webinar: The Openness Profile – simply acknowledging scientific contribution

In this webinar Anna Mette Morthorst, working for DeiC as Danish representative, will introduce you shortly to Knowledge Exchange, a European partnership that DeiC joined in 2020 which works to enable Open Scholarship and improve infrastructure and services for higher education and research.

Lorna Wildgaard, Data Management Specialist, Research Support Copenhagen University Library/The Royal Library will present The Openness Profile (OP) a Knowledge Exchange project, a portfolio approach for organizing and presenting contributions to open scholarship. The OP is linked to, embedded in, one’s ORCID record. The content of the OP is therefore machine readable and reduces administrative burden. However, there are fundamental discussions around what the OP actually solves that CRediT or other contributor metadata schemes do not. This talk addresses the emerging opportunities and challenges in the further development of the OP discovered during a series of stakeholder workshops held during the summer of 2020, where the OP proof of concept was thoroughly tested. A final report and recommendations will be published soon.

Presentation by Anna Mette Morthorst

Presentation by Lorna Wildgaard