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Q-Competence - a national competence-building initiative

The national competence-building initiative will be carried out in alignment with competence-building activities in the EU and related national activities.

The initiative aims to disseminate skills and increase understanding of the potential and risks of quantum technology among researchers and businesses. It will target a broad audience and ensure a better understanding of the possibilities and relevance of quantum infrastructure for society.

  • DeiC will ensure synergy with the activities in the existing EuroCC2 project.
  • DeiC will engage in collaboration and partnerships with relevant national actors.

Find the terms of reference for the Q-Competence working group here.

Members of the working group:

Chairperson: Vice Dean Brian Vinter (AU)

  • AAU: Associate Professor Rolf Lyhneborg Lund
  • SDU: Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen
  • ITU: Associate Professor Michael Kastoryano
  • KU: Professor Jan-Phillip Solovej
  • DTU: Senior Researcher Mikkel Heuck
  • Alexandra Instituttet: CSO Martin Møller
  • DIREC: Director Thomas Riisgaard Hansen
  • DeiC: Project Leader Dennis Lange Wollbrink
  • DeiC: Special Consultant Marta Ewa Schulze
23 feb 2024