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Guide to the online search function

It is possible to explore more than 1300 publications that have included the use of national or international supercomputing in Denmark.

Search criteria

The list contains the research results from the national HPC landscape as well as publications, where international Tier-0 or Tier-1 supercomputers have been used via the Danish membership in PRACE and EuroHPC.

Exploring the list you can:

  • do a full-text search in the title of the publication in the field "Full text search"
  • create your own list of publications based on e.g. year, HPC system that was used, and which Danish university is included in the publication
  • create lists that are sorted by research area as well as journals that were published in
  • extract a list of DOIs for publications in the search results
  • download lists to Excel after each search (csv-file)

Search fields are described in more detail in Table 1.

Search Field

Identifiers and Explanation

Table 1. Description of search parameters in the interactive web-list of HPC publications.*, No publications are yet registered from this category.

Full text

Search for a specific key word of part of a terminology in the title of the scientific publication. You can also search for a specific DOI number in this field.


Choose data set. National, International HPC or combinations.

Can choose one data set at a time if this column is used, and can be combined with other search fields.


Here it is possible to generate a list of HPC publications from each of the 8 Danish universities. "Others" / "NoDKUni" refers to companies, hospitals or "Sector research institutions".

Scientific Field

Choose one of the 9 scientific fields or mark all for a total list.


Choose supercomputing facility in DK: DeiC Interactive HPC*, DeiC Throughput HPC, DeiC Large Memory HPC*, DeiC Accelerated HPC*, LUMI Capability HPC* or ABACUS2.0, Computerome or KAC.


From 2011 till now. Mark selected range of years or mark all for a total list.


Name of the journal that the publication was published in. You can e.g. see the list of publication in a given journal. The list contains more than 450 journals that the publications are available from.

Collection of publications

Less than 20% of publications are "captured" by a bibliometric search as use of HPC is not stated in the "Acknowledgment" or "Funding" field in the publication.  Therefore, each publication that included national HPC has been verified by HPC users, to get a true picture of how many publications that used these facilities.

The bibliometric search approach was used without further verification for tracking of the use of international HPC (“PRACE” as a key word and authorship from the 8 Danish universities).

30 Nov 2021