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Economy and annual reports

DeiC's financial terms are set out in Document 70 adopted by the Finance Committee on the 19th of April 2012.

DeiC is stated in the Finance Act:

  • Computing and storage: Section
  • The Research Network: Section

Annual reports

Payment model for the Danish Research Network

The operation of the Danish Research Network and the associated services is 100% user-financed by the affiliated institutions. The price is based on the affiliated institutions' annual turnover and number of connections.

Payment model for Computing and Storage

In 2019, the universities and the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science entered into an agreement to share the payment for the national investment in computing and storage 50/50. The payment model for the universities' part is determined by a distribution key between the universities, which is based 85% on the universities' research grants (internal + external) and 15% on "STÅ income". The calculations are based on the universities' "statistiske beredskab" or statistical preparedness, where new figures are published in the middle of the year.

21 Apr 2023