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Data management services

Good data management practice requires that researchers and research support have access to the right tools. DeiC offers access to central services so you can practice good data management.

As a researcher, it is important to have a good framework for research. Data management tools should make life easier for researchers, not harder. They must be easy to use, FAIR, and make sense in the name of research. We offer storage for research data in DeiC Storage, with the option to associate metadata in our trusted digital repository DeiC Dataverse. Through our membership of the DataCite consortium, we also implement persistent identifiers for published research objects (data or articles). Good data management also requires that you have a plan for where and how you want to store your data - a useful tool for this is the DeiC DMP, where you can create your own data management plan, or find data management templates, such as Horizon Europe and DEFF.

You can read more about the various tools here:

  • DeiC storage
  • DeiC Dataverse
  • DeiC DMP
  • DataCite

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more about the various services.

09 May 2023