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Framework agreement on purchase of cloud services

Institutions affiliated with DeiC have the opportunity to purchase cloud services through a set of framework contracts provided by GÉANT.
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The OCRE agreements provide the opportunity to purchase cloud services through a set of framework contracts provided through DeiC's participation in the GÉANT collaboration. These agreements replace the previous set of agreements, known as the GÉANT IaaS tender (GN3-SA7).

When are the OCRE agreements used?

The OCRE agreements are used when purchasing cloud services from one or more of the dealers who are qualified under the OCRE agreements. This includes both the so-called hyperscales (Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.) and Original Infrastructure Providers (OIP), which cover resellers of self-developed platforms. The agreements are distinguished by clarified conditions, good discounts and long duration.

The following suppliers are classified in Denmark::
Country Platform Dealer
DK IBM AppXite
DK Blue Safespring (OIP) Blue Safespring
DK CloudFerro (OIP) CloudFerro
DK CloudSigma (OIP) SloudSigma
DK Google Cloud Platform Computas
DK Orange (OIP) Orange
DK Proact (OIP) Proact
DK Amazon Web Services Rackspace
DK Microsoft Azure SoftwareONE
DK Sentia (OIP) Sentia
DK T-Systems (OIP) T-Systems

How are the agreements used?

It is expected that direct allocations will be the preferred procurement method.

Regardless of the choice of procurement method, DeiC recommends that the institution prepare a memorandum documenting the procurement law justifications for the proposed assignment. One reason for a direct award may be, for example, that the chosen platform is only offered by one dealer.

The reason for choosing a platform may be that the institution has already invested in staff training and / or that the choice of platform is necessary to ensure technological compatibility with integrations and tools already available to the institution. Feel free to contact your purchasing department for further assistance.

Who can use the OCRE agreements?

The OCRE agreements are made available to already designated institutions in the research and education sector. If necessary, contact DeiC to find out if your institution is eligible to purchase under the OCRE agreements.

What about legal rules, security and personal data?

Legal rules: The OCRE agreements consist of a set of contracts per dealer, which regulates the relationship between the contracting authority and the supplier. Proper use of the OCRE agreements implies that the tender obligation is complied with for the services in question, even for major purchases.

Security: Security is determined trough the interaction between the institution, the reseller and the platform. If your institution sets special requirements for IT security, it is recommended that the contract is thoroughly reviewed and the requirements contribute to the institution's choice of vendor and platform.

Personal data: Selected platforms and dealer relationships may involve personal data being stored outside the EU, or personal data being accessible to persons outside the EU. It is therefore recommended that your Data Protection Officer be involved in the preparations before purchasing the services.

Where do I get support?

Guidance: If you need further information about the OCRE agreements, you will be able to find it here. 

System Support: If you require system support, please follow the procedures for this specified in the specific contract.

More info

For more information about the agreements, see here. 

Access to specific prices, conditions, contract documents and help with using the agreements is via DeiC. Access presupposes that your institution is entitled to use the OCRE agreements.

Further information and assistance with the use of the contracts can be obtained by contacting email:

08 Sep 2021