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Prices for Panopto

Price and terms of payment

Panopto is not part of the bundled payment of the base network connection, but has its own price.

The price depends on the total number full time students (FTE), and next introductory prices for larger organisations.

The following are price examples for 1.900, 6.900, 12.900 FTEs, as well as storage examples of 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000 GB.

FTE: 1.900 Price / Yearly excl. VAT
1st year + following years 141.092,04 DKK
Disk space: Example 1.000 GB 4.693,33 DKK
FTE: 6.900 Price / Yearly excl. VAT
1st year 268.913,77 DKK
2nd year + following years 328.110,92 DKK
Disk space: Example 2.000 GB 9.386,66 DKK
FTE: 12.900 Price / Yearly excl. VAT
1st year 348.445,29 DKK
2nd year 391.857,69 DKK
3rd year 457.844,54 DKK
4rd year + following years 542.906,79 DKK
Disk space: Example 5.000 GB 23.466,64 DKK

The prices include virtually all elements of Panopto, including transscription of Danish and English videos, as well as operations, DeiC support, introductions and obtional clarification processes.

Lower prices can be provided when the total number of full-time students (FTE) across all institutions increases. The greater usage, the less costs. This allows all institutions to benefit from a common installation and shared operations.

09 Aug 2023