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National strategy for FAIR research data management

Find the National Strategy for Research Data Management based on the FAIR Principles here.
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The strategy targets research institutions and research funding foundations. It defines a number of principles and associated areas of action that can strengthen the dissemination and financing of good data management practices, resulting in more FAIR research data (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) in Denmark.

The strategy is part of the implementation of the EU directive on open data and the Danish implementation of this in the PSI Act. It must thus contribute to meeting the expectations of research and society for increasing accessibility of publicly funded research.

DeiC (2021): National strategy for data management based on the FAIR principles. 

Download the strategy here

To ensure the national coordination of the implementation of the strategy, the Danish Agency for Education and Research has set up a follow-up group. Information about the follow-up group and its work can be found here.

The ’Strategy for National Cooperation on Digital Research infrastructures’ pointed to the demand for the FAIR strategy. The Danish Agency for Education and Research appointed DeiC to lead the work. 

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You can read more about the thoughts behind the strategy in this article from CBS WIRE: New national data management strategy to bring desk-drawer data to light.

30 May 2022