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The EOSC Denmark Coordination Forum

Denmark engages with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in order to allow the national research communities to take advantages of and add to the possibilities offered by the EOSC. 
EOSC Coordination Forum Denmark
Foto: EOSC Coordination Forum

The national initiative will share and expand the national knowledge base concerning EOSC.

The objective of the initiative is to collect, share and use knowledge about EOSC nationally in order integrate the EOSC in the research infrastructure, services and other support initiatives build up and provided for research in Denmark. 

The national initiative wants to:

  • invite all parties with an interest in EOSC – whether it is e.g. as a partner in a Horizon Europe project or a researcher that is curious about EOSC.
  • invite all national participants in EOSC Association’s Task Forces, EOSC projects etc. 
  • encourage participation from all research disciplines and universities. encourage and support all kinds of knowledge sharing and network building among the participants.
  • transfer information between the committee representing the research communities, disciplines, universities, DeiC as mandated organisation and the Agency for Higher Education and Science.

The top 3 priorities of the national initiative:

  • Engaging stakeholders at national level into EOSC.
  • Offering a channel to connect the national stakeholders with the EOSC.
  • Coordinating EOSC activities at national level.

DeiC (Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation) is initiator and support for the EOSC Denmark Coordination Forum.

DeiC will propose a simple governance structure supporting open collaboration and knowledge sharing among the participants nationally. 

DeiC supports the national initiative.

Main drivers triggering the set-up of the national initiative

  • Making EOSC an asset for researchers in Denmark.
  • Encourage active commitment in EOSC to national benefit.
  • Establishment of a national EOSC knowledge base.

5 reasons to join the Danish EOSC Coordination Committee

  • Regular updates on the latest developments of EOSC at EU and national levels and information on EOSC-related funding opportunities.
  • Understanding the impact and benefits of EOSC on your organisation and on the national context also boosting your competences.
  • Active and coordinated participation in EOSC .
  • Visibility for you and your organisation and access to the national network.
  • New potential collaborations at national level.

How to become a member

The EOSC Denmark Coordination Forum is open to anyone with an interest in networking and coordination to support national engagement in EOSC as an asset for researchers.

Critical factors for the success of EOSC engagement at country level

  • National research communities to take advantages of and add to the possibilities offered by the EOSC.
  • Expand the national knowledge base concerning EOSC.
  • Increasing EOSC project participation nationally.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Sofie Fink,, DeiC Data Management Team.

You can also sign up to the EOSC Coordination Forum newsletter here.

02 Jun 2023