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The Coordinating Body for Registry Research (KOR)

The Coordinating Body for Register Research (KOR) is an advisory body that aims to stimulate and strengthen Danish register research.

The Coordinating Body for Register Research contributes to creating greater coherence and coordination around both Danish and internationally related research activities regarding registers, databases and survey data.

KOR works with three long-term focus areas:

  • Improve the dialogue between the authorities responsible for the data and the researchers and help ensure that the research resources within register research are used as efficiently as possible and that inappropriate barriers are avoided.
  • Create a constructive dialogue between researchers and the outside world, convey knowledge about activities in the field to the researchers and collect the wishes and issues raised by the research world.
  • Strengthening Danish registry research by taking initiatives that contribute to improving the framework for research, and by creating awareness about the conditions and potential of Danish registry research for society.

Many public authorities make register data available to researchers under various conditions, KOR works to make access to data as simple as possible. CHOIR holds, among other things, courses and conferences that equip researchers so that they can work safely and professionally with register data.

KOR consists of active researchers from the research and university environments and conveys the interests of more than 3,000 users of the Danish registers.

If you want to know more:

If you are interested in knowing more, you are welcome to contact Anne Sofie Fink (, head of Data Management in DeiC.

17 May 2023