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GO FAIR Office Denmark

GO FAIR is a bottom-up, stakeholder-driven and self-managed initiative that aims to implement FAIR's data management principles, making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). It offers an open and inclusive ecosystem for individuals, institutions and organizations working together through Implementation Networks (INs). The INs are active in three pillars of activity: GO CHANGE, GO TRAIN and GO BUILD.
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The International GO FAIR collaboration consists of GO FAIR Offices from Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany and USA.

The Danish GO FAIR office, located in DeiC, is the national hub in the international GO FAIR collaboration.

The Danish GO FAIR Office at DeiC supports a number of long term strategic aims:

  1. From international cooperation bringing home competences; and distribute competences nationally aiming at supporting all three pillars of the Danish National FAIR Strategy implementation:
    • Change of data management practice (GoChange)
    • Establishing a knowledge infrastructure (GoTrain)
    • Establish technical support infrastructure (GoBuild)
  2. Coordinate and engage national universities in international implementation cooperation, e.g. on GO FAIR Implementation Networks.
  3. Support GO FAIR Implementation Networks; e.g. Data Stewardship (GoTrain) and FAIR Infrastructure (GoBuild).

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08 May 2023