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Q-Algorithm - a Quantum Excellence Center for Development and Testing of Quantum Algorithms

Quantum computers have the potential to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time. However, this requires the development of a new generation of software and algorithms that can be used across different types of quantum computer technologies.

To unlock this potential, it is necessary to bring together Danish and European users of quantum computers and to facilitate the development and dissemination of quantum applications.

DeiC will work to attract a European Quantum Excellence Center for quantum software related to upcoming quantum computers and simulators at a high international level.

Find the terms of reference for the Q-Algorithm working group here.

Members of the working group:

Chairperson: Professor John Renner Hansen (KU)

  • AAU: Professor Rafal Wisniewski
  • AU: Professor Jaco van de Pol
  • AU: Professor Nikolaj Zinner
  • SDU: Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen
  • SDU: Professor Jacob Kongsted
  • RUC: Assistant Professor Sune Thomas Bernth Nielsen
  • ITU: Associate Professor Michael Kastoryano
  • Associate Professor Nutan Limaye
  • KU: Professor Matthias Christandl
  • KU: Professor Stephan Sauer
  • DTU: Associate Professor Sven Karlsson
  • DeiC: CEO Gitte Kudsk
23 Feb 2024