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Zoom User Organisations

Below organsations are all using Zoom at DeiC/NORDUnet.

Click on the link to gain access to the landing page for the individual institution. 

AAMS: Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering:

AARCH: Aarhus School of Architecture:

AU: Aarhus University:

AAU: Aalborg University:

BAAA: Business Academy Aarhus:

CBA: Copenhagen Business Academy:

CBS: Copenhagen Business School:

DKDM: The Royal Danish Academy of Music:

DMJX: Danish School of Media and Journalism:

DSKD: Design School Kolding:

DTU: Technical University of Denmark:

EADANIA: Dania Acadami:

FAK: Royal Danish Defence Academy:

ITU: IT-University of Copenhagen:

KADK: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation:

KDKB: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Visual Arts:

KB: Royal Danish Library:

KP: Københavns Professionshøjskole:

KU: Københavns Universitet:

MSK: Maskinmester Skolen København:

NORDEN: Nordic Co-Operation:

PHA: University College Absalon:

RMC: Rythmic Music Conservatory:

RUC: Roskilde Universitet:

RYSENSTEEN: Rysensteen Gymnasium:

SA: Danish National Archives:

SDU: University of Southern Denmark:

SETUR: University of Faroe Islands:

SMK: National Gallery of Denmark:

SOSU-STV: Social og Sundsskolen Skive - Thisted - Viborg:

SRG: Student Counselling Service:

STUDIEVALG: Study and Career Guidance Denmark:

TEC: Technical Education Copenhagen:

UCL: UCL University College:

UCS: University College South Denmark:

UFM: Ministry of Higher Education and Science:

VIA: VIA University College:

VIVE: The Danish Center for Social Science Research:



21 Dec 2022