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Technical Reference Group for High Performance Computing

The Technical Reference Group for High Performance Computing (HPC TechRef) is an open group for all who are interested in the technical aspects of High Performance Computing.

The Technical Reference Group, or in everyday speech HPC TechRef, is on of DeiC's community groups. 

The objective

The aim of the group is to facilitate the exchange of experience and mutual inspiration across the institutions.

HPC TechRef works as a networking group where the participants can bring up topics and problems they are working on locally, and get input from the other participants. The introduction of new technologies and the experience with them can also be discussed. The HPC TechRef Group is a source of good inspiration and an opportunity to meet colleagues from the other HPC facilities. 

The members of the group

The group is open for HPC technicians from both local and national facilities, as well as people from the universities with an interest in HPC technology.

The members of the group participate in the yearly SuperComputing Conference (SC) in USA, and on that basis prepare a report for DeiC with an assessment of the future technology in the field of HPC.

The group can send suggestions and recommendations to the HPC Forum on the development of the national HPC infrastructure. The group appoints a chairman among the members. The chairman is currently Ole Holm Nielsen, Senior HPC Officer at Department of Physics at DTU.

The group is serviced by the HPC Chief Chef Eske Christiansen, who can be contacted for further information about HPC TechRef. 

The meetings

The group meets 3 times a year at institutions with HPC facilities. The meetings are arranged by the chairman in cooperation with the secretariat and possibly the host institution. DeiC finances the catering for the meetings.  

Each meeting also includes a status from DeiC and from the national HPC facilities.

02 Dec 2021