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Price and terms of payment

Kaltura is not part of the bundled payment of the base network connection, but has its own price.

The price depends on the total number of selected and used applications in Kaltura, and the total number of full time students per year at the institution (FTE / STÅ).

It is possible to choice between tree packages, each with a set of applications: Basis, Medium og Full.

Applikationer / Pakker Basis Medium Fuld
KMC (adm modul) 1 2 3
KMC addministratorer 10 20 30
Apps (KMS /LMS) 1 2 3
CaptureSpace (desktop) Lite Full Full
Video Quizzing Yes Yes Yes
KMS Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
Live Streaming Passthrough 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Live Streaming Cloud Transcode 0 2 10
Distribution (iTunes mm.) 1 2 5
Drop Folder (hente indhold fra..) 1 1 3
Fuld API Yes Yes Yes
Price examples
  • Medium package, 2.000 full time students (FTE), and DeiC Support: 84.466,64 DKK yearly, excl. VAT
  • Medium package, 7.000 full time students (FTE), and DeiC Support: 207.477,84 DKK yearly, excl. VAT
  • Medium package, 13.000 full time students (FTE), and DeiC Support:: 334.279,82 DKK yearly, excl. VAT

Additional price for disk space: 0,3907 DKK ex VAT per GByte per month. 

All prices are based on Euro exchange rate: 7,44

Lower prices can be provided when the total number of full-time students (FTE) across all institutions increases. The greater usage, the less costs. This allows all institutions to benefit from a common installation and shared operations.

15 Feb 2022