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For suppliers

Vendors of network connections and equipment may become suppliers to Forskningsnettet and DeiC.

DeiC is a service provider to Danish research and education institutions. DeiC and the institutions purchase IT equipment and services through multiple agreements on several levels. For instance:

  • Local purchasing at the individual institution.
  • National purchasing via DeiC.
  • Nordic purchasing agreements via NORDUnet.
  • European purchasing agreements via GÉANT.

If your company is interested in becoming a vendor on one or more of the levels, please contact CTO Martin Bech at, phone +45 35 88 82 03.

Equipment and connections for Forskningsnettet

Whenever DeiC needs new equipment for Forskningsnettet, the Danish national research and education network, an EU tender will be issued via DTU, the Technical University of Denmark.

Network connections are purchased via a dynamic purchasing system.

08 Sep 2021