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Network Services

In addition to the connection to the network, DeiC offers a number of networking-related services to users of Forskningsnettet.

Name service

  • Forskningsnettet in DeiC hosts a authoritative name server with a supplementary secondary name server. Institutions connected to DeiC may use these servers for their domains. It is also possible to use the name servers at Forskningsnettet as a secondary for a local name server – with or without DNSsec. Please contact

  • Forskningsnettet runs some DNS caches which can be used for queries made directly from the users’ equipment. They can also be used as backup for a local name server. 

  • You can get support concerning our DNS service at Here you can get help creating domains or other questions relating to the operations of the name service.

Time service

You find our time service at, which is a Stratum-2 server. This can for instance be used for synchronising local time servers.


DeiC runs, which you can use as an outgoing mail relay for the forskningsnet’s IP-addresses. can also be used for incomming server for a domain, but it only offers a secondary MX. There are no users/postboxes on Please contact, if you want this functionality.

Sharing of large files with FileSender

You can share large files with the service FileSender, which gives everybody with a WAYF account access to start a filesharing. The receiver of the files does not need to have a WAYF authorization, as the FileSender sends an e-mail with a link to the receivers. FileSender is an exchange service, not a storage service. Data on FileSender is protected against unauthorised readings, not  loss.


The multicast service makes it possible to send large amounts of data such as video, TV and streaming between many different users at the same time without putting excessive strain on the network.

08 Sep 2021