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DeiC representation in the EuroHPC LUMI consortium

The appointment of DeiC board member Brian Vinter from AU and DeiC HPC Manager Eske Christiansen in central positions strengthens DeiC's role in the EuroHPC LUMI consortium.
10/01/2024 13:01
LUMI wolf
Foto: LUMI

In November 2023, DeiC took over the consortium membership of EuroHPC LUMI from danish universities which had previously held the official membership until DeiC's legal framework was in place. This occurred with the announcement 615 about DeiC which, among other things, allowed DeiC to take on central positions in the leading parts of the LUMI consortium.

In connection with this, DeiC's board appointed DeiC board member Vice Dean Brian Vinter from Aarhus University to LUMI's steering group, and DeiC's HPC Manager Eske Christiansen as an advisor to the steering group member. The direct involvement in LUMI's leading parts brings DeiC very close to strategic decisions, allowing them to continue the good collaboration and contribute to ensuring that LUMI maintains its position in the European supercomputing elite.

At the same time, DeiC's board chose to nominate HPC Manager Eske Christiansen for the LUMI Operational Board (OMB). To our delight, the LUMI Steering Committee (LUMI SC) subsequently chose Eske Christiansen as a member during a meeting with other consortium partners. LUMI’s OMB is responsible for overseeing and advising on the daily operations of EuroHPC LUMI. With Eske Christiansen's presence in both LUMI's governing body (as an advisor) and LUMI's operational management (as a member), it becomes easier to ensure a high degree of coordination between strategy and operations, benefiting the many users. In his role as HPC Manager at DeiC, Eske Christiansen is close to both technology and users, providing valuable insights into initiatives that will enhance the use of LUMI for researchers and users in all consortium countries.

"We look forward to a more active involvement in the daily operations of LUMI, so that we can better ensure that Danish researchers can use the resources without significant technical issues. At the same time, we want to influence the development and ensure that LUMI continues to be in the European top class in supercomputing," said Gitte Julin Kudsk, director of DeiC..

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