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Amberscript webinar

DeiC will host a webinar on the new text-to-speech service called Amberscript.
01 Sep 2022 - 13:00
01 Sep 2022 - 14:00
Online via Zoom

On Thursday the 1st of September at 13:00 DeiC will host a webinar about Amberscript. The  service will be presented by Jeroen Niessen from Amberscript and the Amberscript contract and onboarding process by Morten Kjeldgaard from DeiC.

The presentation of the Amberscript service will take place in English, while the presentation of the contract will be in Danish.

The webinar will cover the following areas:

  • Presentation of Amberscript for automatic transcription and subtitling (English)
    • Use Amberscript to make sure your institution is digitally accessible.
    • Short demo by Amberscript (English)
  • Presentation of the Amberscript contract, including prices and terms (Danish)
    • Presentation of how institutions join the Amberscript contract (Danish)
    • Presentation of how institutions can manage Amberscript users, groups, and consumption (Danish)
  • Questions about the service and the contract (Danish and English)

Registration for the webinar can be done via this link.

Amberscript is a new service from DeiC that offers automated transcription and subtitling of media files. The service is the result of an EU tender organized by NORDUnet. DeiC offers Amberscript to all institutions within the Research and Education sector. A description of the service can be found here.